My Story

My Story

We have a tradition in our family of getting together once a week at Mum’s house for “Family Dinner Night”. Mum was always responsible for getting the meat and starch side of the dinner organised and it was always my responsibility to do the salads and vegetable sides. It was always a huge production with the dinner table groaning under the strain of the variety of dishes created.

Every week Mum and I would decide on a what she would cook and then I would go about researching what salads and vegetables would be most appropriate. This site is all about my experiences, our families most loved salad recipes – some “borrowed” by famous chefs, some “inspired” by other cooks and some created entirely by me for my family.

I have also included reviews of the many tools and books that helped preparing and cooking our favourite salads much easier, faster and much more fun!  Part of the experience for me has always been to make delicious food that always looks spectacular.

If you every need any feedback or support regarding recipes, products or books, I would be more than happy to connect. Simply leave your comment below and make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always adding new recipes and product ideas.

So join us for family dinner at Mum’s by sharing in our recipes.





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