Betty Bossi Spiralizer Review – Compact Spiral Fun!

Betty Bossi Spiralizer Review – Compact Spiral Fun!

Betty Bossi Spiralizer Review

Product:  Betty Bossi Spiralizer
Number of Blades: Two
Easy of Use: Simple but there is a lot of twisting involved.
My Rating: 7 out of 10

The Betty Bossi Spiralizer was my first foray into the fun world of vegetable spirals. I really needed a low carb alternative to traditional pasta and when I saw it advertised I purchased it immediately.

In this Betty Bossi Spiralizer Review, I will discuss how well it works, how easy it is to use and some minor drawbacks. At a later date I will include how it compares with other spiral slicers on the market.


How well it works:

What I liked about this Spiralizer was that it was small and easy to store. In order to operate the Betty Bossi Spiralizer all you need to do is slice your vegetables (minimum diameter of 3 cms) then place them into the twister and twist.

Compact design…

The Betty Bossi spiralizer has three parts:

  1. A twister screw that you twist in order to make the spirals;
  2. a spiral holder which has one blade to create vegetable spirals; and
  3. a spaghetti holder which has two blades to create vegetable spaghetti

It is crafted from thick green (or pink) plastic, with stainless steel blades and the unit is top-rack dishwasher safe.

The holders are fitted with stainless steel blades which can be seen in the base of the twister. The spiral holder has two blades; the spaghetti holder only has one blade.


Twist, twist, twist…

Betty bossi spiralizer

On the practical side, it does take a lot of effort, time and wrist action to spiralize a small piece of vegetable as you first have to unwind the unit and then twist again once you have placed your vegetable inside. Also, it only really works for slim carrots, zucchini and cucumbers you cannot spiralize fruit, potatoes or beets.


In Conclusion:

While it is a very compact unit that is very easy to store it does take a lot of time an effort in order to spiralize enough vegetables for a meal.



  1. Makes two different styles of vegetable strands – spaghetti noodles and spirals
  2. Easy to clean as it is two easily assembled parts
  3. The compact size ensures it is easy to store
  4. Made from durable plastic that is top-rack dishwasher safe


  1. You have to unwind it before you can use it and then twist
  2. It can’t be used for thick vegetables as they will not fit into the unit
  3. The vegetables have to be 3 cms wide as the unit will not work effectively


Where to buy:

You can purchase your Betty Bossi Spiralizer from kitchen supply shops or online.


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