Paderno 4 Blade Spiralizer – a spiralizers dream…

Paderno 4 Blade Spiralizer – a spiralizers dream…

Paderno 4 Blade Spiralizer Review

Product: Paderno 4 Blade Spiralizer
Number of Blades: 4
Easy of Use: Very easy once it has been assembled.
My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

The Paderno 4 Blade Spiralizer is one of the best spiral slicers I have used. It makes spiralizing your vegetables for your Paleo, Keto and low carb recipes a breeze!!

I purchased this spiralizer a few months ago and it has remained a permanent fixture on my kitchen bench. In this review I will discuss how well it works, how easy it is to use and some minor drawbacks. At a later date I will include how it compares with other spiral slicers on the market.


How well it works:

For me the Paderno 4 Blade Spiralizer is by far the best spiral slicer tool available. It has 4 blades made from cutlery stainless steel:

Angel hair shredder (1.2 x 2 mm) creates angel hair like continuous cuts.

Small spaghetti cutter (3 x 3 mm) creates small spaghetti like continuous cuts.

Medium spaghetti cutter (4 x 6 mm) creates medium spaghetti like continuous cuts.

Straight blade (2.5 mm) creates continuous ribbon like cuts.

Less food wastage…

It has a smaller circular metal core blade that produces a thinner core than other spiralizers, for even more beautiful spirals and less food wastage. The wheel and prongs allow you to attach your fruit and vegetables easily and. The spinning handle offers greater strength which makes sprializing much more efficient and can be adjusted for both left and right handed use.

I really love the enclosed compartment for the blades as it allows you to spiralizer without get any food juices on the blade. The fact that the blades are also labeled makes choosing your blade a lot easier.

Another great feature of the Paderno are the extremely efficient suction sucks on the bottom of the machine which stick securely to your bench top when in use.

Accordion spirals…

It also includes a piercing rod which can be used to create accordion spirals and a clear cover witch doubles as a catch tray for your ribbons and strands.

Putting it together…

There are two drawbacks that I can – the assembly takes longer – other spiralizer models come already assembled. The only other thing I have to say is that it does discolour after use (especially with carrots).


In Conclusion:

This spiralizer has a compact design, variety of well labeled blades, the small circular metal core blade for less food wastage make it the best choice as far as spiralizers are concerned. It is a dream to use and despite requiring some assembly you can very easily create stunning spirals and ribbons with your fruit and vegetables for all your Paleo, gluten free, low-carb meals.


  1. 4 different blades made of cutlery stainless steel
  2. Smaller circular metal core blade
  3. Enclosed compartment for blade storage which are clearly labeled
  4. Clear cover that doubles as a catch tray
  5. Ergonomic wheel with wider prongs and more teeth that allow you to attach food easily.
  6. Redesigned reinforced spinning handle offers greater strength and can be attached for both left and right handed users.
  7. It is BPA free and made of ABS Plastic for easier cleaning.
  8. Great suction cups which attach to your bench top easily


  1. Discolours easily
  2. Requires assembly


Where to buy:

You can purchase your Paderno 4 Blade Spiralizer from kitchen supply stores or online from eBay.

Click here to purchase the Paderno on eBay.


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