Every kitchen needs a vegetable peeler and and there are two types available swivel peelers and y-peelers with the swivel being the most popular.

Swivel peelers have a vertical blade that is used by moving back and forth.

The Y-Peeler has a horizontal blade, and is used by starting at the bottom and peeling the skin towards you, which some find a bit tricky. I just love the y-peelers for creating gorgeous vegetable ribbons for my salads.


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Julienne peelers are a cheaper alternative for creating vegetable “spaghetti” if you are keen on avoiding gluten and wheat products, they also make your salads a lot more interesting.

Even though there is some food wastage you can get around this by bagging and freezing the leftover vegetable bits for use in stocks and soups.


Click here to purchase from Kitchen Style.

Click here to purchase on eBay.

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